Notes is Internet Explorer

I know, I know… provocative title. But bear with me…

  1. Both are from giant multi-national corporations famous for proprietary technology.
  2. Both led their respective categories hands down in their 3rd & 4th versions.
  3. Both got stuck in enterprise deployments at version 6.
  4. Both are reviled as old-and-busted because of people’s experience with version 6, four years later.
  5. Both had version 7 releases that were basically just 6 with some polish.
  6. Both have lots of aggressive competition from free or open source alternatives that are promoted by IT thought leaders.
  7. Both really innovated in version 8, adapting to open standards and progressing things forward.
  8. Both are hampered by the need for backward compatibility.
  9. Both have genuinely high-quality experiences and open standards adherence in their latest versions (which is really 10 for both products.)
  10. Both can’t get any respect no matter how many ads they run, even if with dubstep soundtracks.

I’m sure if you’re pedantic, you can explain why I’m wrong. But if you look at the comparison honestly as an analogy, you’ll see it’s a perfect fit.

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2 comments on “Notes is Internet Explorer
  1. I cannot say I disagree. It’s a weird parallel to be sure. The only difference is that Microsoft has always aggressively advertised IE where IBM hasn’t promoted Notes in quite some time. People might dislike IE, but I don’t think everyone thinks of it as going away any time soon. That’s really the only difference.

  2. thentf says:

    Microsoft hasn’t *always* aggressively advertised IE. The first ads they ever ran were for IE8.

    As for whether anyone thinks it’s going away, well… it *has* gone away on Macs, right? šŸ™‚

    Also, I didn’t think of this last night, but both have a legendary collapse in marketshare, even in a growing segment for the industry.

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