You think that’s air you’re breathing now?

If you’re an experienced XPages developer, you know kung fu. Show me.

How many XPages applications have you deployed?

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9 comments on “You think that’s air you’re breathing now?
  1. Mike McGarel says:

    I’ve put 4 XPages apps in production at work as well as 3 XPages sites for the community.

  2. timtripcony says:

    None. Admins deploy apps; I’m a developer. 😉

  3. thentf says:

    Funny, Tim. But it’s not a trick question. I seriously want to know. (In your case, I think I do actually know — or close to it anyway.)

  4. Deep breath:
    8 full apps live (some hybrid, some multi-NSF)
    4 currently in UAT
    2 OpenNTF application downloads for diagnostic purposes (XPages Toolbox, Log File Reader)
    6 open source XPages projects promoted to OpenNTF, multiple versions of many of them, plus another one in development at the moment
    1 application created for XPages training purposes
    5 applications for sessions at LUGs / Lotusphere / IBM Connect
    2 applications for tutorials on my blog
    So 29 if you count them all. The first one went live June 2009. Oh, and I’ve done a couple of OSGi plugins too.
    I think 8 of the ones I’ve built use Java, an interesting stat as well.

  5. newbs56 says:

    Three major apps in deployment and two small web sites.

  6. If I count production applications, then I have built and deployed 8. One of them (Sherlock Web) as several customer instances on IBM Domino and IBM XWork servers.

    Then there are all the POCs, demo apps, and XPages “snippets” for use in other peoples apps.

  7. Hmm, 13 that I’d consider finished apps: four proper client apps (a couple more in progress), one guild forums site, two personal sites, two company-internal apps, two game-related apps for my own use, and two experimental-but-actually-used projects. And, like Per, more than a few one-offs for various reasons.

  8. Michael G. Smith (@michaelgsmith) says:

    2 “complex” production applications
    2 “simple” production apps
    1 database with several XPages used for mobile web services
    several XPages used for utility purposes. I find myself doing this more and more.

  9. Oliver Busse says:

    I actually have 2 of our products ( made with XPages – honestly these are hybrid apps that use XPages for web presentation only, the main document’s work is done with standard forms. The Xpages are only used in a browser, so I didn’t have to be too serious to get them to work in the client.
    I also produced 2 web applications for myself entirely with XPages (my Snippet DB and by Raspberry Pi blog), both created from the same template wich uses the fabulous Bootstrap UI framework to layout the pages.
    As I described here (, sorry that this is in German only) I ignored XPages for a long time because of problems I experiences in the early releases. Those problems occured when I didn’t have the time to elaborate them, so I chose the “old fashioned” way to create my applications.

    But: I am about to build the next customer projects with XPages as I got used to them now 😉

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