Putting your money where my mouth is…

With the recent release of Milestone 1 of the openntf.domino API, the IBM Champion team that’s writing the code has provided a programming context for Java that should dramatically improve the transition for Lotusscript developers. Simply put, we have 1) eliminated the need for developer-managed .recycle() calls; and 2) closed off the NotesException try/catch requirements of the Lotus version of the API. (And yes, I know it’s the “IBM” version now. And I’ll call it that as soon as I can import a “com.ibm.domino.Document” interface.)

There are a lot of other benefits to the new code, but these are the two that most benefit Lotusscript developers in my opinion. And I aim to prove it.

So here’s the deal: Red Pill Development is now offering a Lotusscript-to-Java source code conversion offering, using the openntf.domino API. This service is available at a flat rate of 1USD/default formatting line of code. The offering guarantees that your Java code will do what your Lotusscript does with the following caveats: 1) C API calls are not supported. They will be commented out; 2) UI object calls will similarly be commented out. What happens inside your NotesUIWorkspace.dialogBox() call will be converted, but the dialog itself will not be in the deliverable; 3) Any UI interaction is not guaranteed to convert cleanly. Print will be converted to System.out.println() but MessageBox() will simply be commented in the result; 4) in the case of mutually ambiguous outcomes, we’ll provide the code and you can choose what it’s worth. I’d rather document the idea that you think the result is worthless than argue over whether your business process needs to execute a Beep command at some exact point.

The service is available immediately and we accept all major credit cards. I want this to be as simple and as painless as possible.

We reserve the right to reject the engagement; if you have 10,000 lines of Lotusscript libraries were every variable is a Variant, then it might not be cost-effective. But the cost for you to learn this about your code is $0, so you might as well ask. But if I send back a note saying “you don’t even have competant BASIC programmers,” then don’t hold the truth against me.

You might be thinking to yourself: “well, I have 50,000 lines of Lotusscript, and I’d rather have one of my internal developers convert it to Java because that will only take 4 months and I’ll spend less money” Okay great! If you want some help mentoring that person in Java, drop us a line. If you’re worried about the risk of paying 4 month’s salary for nothing over that time, then consider taking a guaranteed risk with us. If you think we’re selling digital snake oil, then okay — just as long as you’re committing some developer resources towards a future Java world, you have our full support.

If you want to discuss this idea further (and yeah, this blog won’t be the only outlet. It’s just the first.) then drop me a note at “ntf@redpilldevelopment.com” I look forward to helping you.

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