Turning free code into healthier living

I was delighted and flattered recently when I was one of the winners of the quarterly OpenNTF Snippets contest.

The ninjas are deadly and silent...

The ninjas are deadly and silent…

Since we stopped eating meat last November, my wife and I have been looking for ways to improve our dietary habits. One thing we’d wanted to do for a while was to start our mornings with raw fruit and veggie smoothies. Unfortunately, in my newfound entrepreneurial lifestyle, disposable income is not always readily available, and so we hadn’t the spare cash to buy a proper juicing blender.

Well, one of the formats for the prize money is an Amazon gift card. A quick trip to amazon.com showed that I could purchase a Ninja for $99. With Amazon Prime, I got free shipping, so perfect!

Now we’ve been enjoying yummy chilled concoctions of pineapple, bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, watermelon, spinach, and kale. It’s improved my energy level and focus during the day and the kids are even starting to like them. The Ninja itself is pretty cool, too, as its 6 ridiculously sharp blades pulverize anything unlucky enough to be in the pitcher when the motor starts.

All thanks to a couple of hours worth of free code and the marvelous team at OpenNTF.org! Thanks guys!

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