Modernization in bullet time

“How did you do that?”
“Do what?”
“You moved like they do. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast.”

When Red Pill Development started last October, my partners and I made an agreement: we would never market forward-looking statements. That is, we would only talk about our technology in case studies, not in visions.

I think it goes without saying why we would set this rule for ourselves, but there’s no question that it’s been a tough rule to stick to. I personally love talking about technology vision, and, particularly in the area of social business software, I have pretty good vision. So it’s been a challenge to keep my mouth shut about our plans and progress as we bring the Red Pill software to life.

Today that wait is over. Red Pill Development has announced immediate availability of our redpill Mobile software. Simply put, this is the result of years of looking at the challenges of modernization facing the Notes/Domino platform, and creating an approach that we refer to as “Asymmetric Modernization.” To expand on Peter’s blog about it, Asymmetric Modernization is about accepting and embracing the idea of doing less, doing only what has high impact for low cost, and establishing feedback loops to quickly identify what is the next opportunity for impact.

We have been using this approach for the last 3 months while working with The Salvation Army to create a single XPages application that delivers an entire portfolio of Notes apps to Android and iOS devices. The first two months were spent creating the platform and the last month was spent creating the deployment plan, documentation, developer training and feedback process.

If you’re wondering “when did you do the actual mobilization of the applications?” the answer is simple: March 25. We started on March 25, and we finished on March 25. Well, I shouldn’t really even say “we” because it was just Peter. Using our redpill Forensics software for Notes, the XPages mobile controls from Domino 9, and redpill Mobile, he mobilized 38 applications in a single working day.

The process was so easy, in fact, that the following week, we dug up a copy of the legendary Nifty Fifty Notes applications, deployed them to an internal server, and put a mobile front end on all 80 NSFs. It took just over half an hour. Since then we’ve been tuning and tweaking here and there based on our own discovery and feedback. Total investment in all 80 NSFs remains less than 40 hours.

You can check out the demonstration of the results here in stunning HD And you can read the case studies for The Salvation Army and for the Nifty Fifty on Slideshare.

I’m thrilled that we can at last show our work. If you find it exciting as well, please drop us a note at for more information. We’d be delighted to get started with your portfolio.

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