A eulogy

Vincent van Gogh
Virginia Woolf
Ernest Hemingway
Alan Turing
Hunter S. Thompson
Sylvia Plath
Kurt Cobain
David Foster Wallace
Aaron Schwartz
Tim Tripcony

Genius that changes the world yet cannot change itself is a tale as old as civilization. Those of us that look on in tearful awe feel stranded in a sea of inevitability. We can no more predict their personal choices as we can their creative ones. Those could only be foreseen by a matching genius, and alas, there is no such thing in this world.

Our friend Tim cast more light than heat, so no matter how bright he blazed, he could not stay warm. I should have known how cold it was for you, my friend. I should have burned and raved with you ’til close of day.


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14 comments on “A eulogy
  1. Ray Bilyk says:

    That was beautiful!

  2. rrumaner says:

    Now I have to wipe away the tears yet again one more time this week. Thank you Nathan.

  3. Oh, this is so painful to read. Thanks for sharing, but I so wish this would not have been.

  4. Monica Mora says:

    wow. that was most eloquent, and beautiful. My mascara thanks you (once again). Thank you for sharing Nathan.

  5. Nathan, I’m so very sorry for your loss here. We all loved Tim, but I know how much he meant to you. Very nice words. Take care.

  6. V.L. Watson says:

    Beautiful words.

    You couldn’t have known. They always keep the worst cold to themselves.

  7. Mark Hughes says:

    Well said..RIP Tim

  8. Howard says:

    Very nice Nathan.

  9. R.I.P. Tim, your pain is over now 😦

  10. Beautifully put Nathan, thank you.

  11. John Durst says:

    That was beautifully said, Nathan. Tim was a genius that we will all greatly miss and an incredibly talented, caring and wonderful guy that we were blessed to know and we’ll never forget.

  12. Tx Nathan. Kind words for a kind genius.

  13. John Lindsay says:

    Lovely words Nathan. Good job.

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