Taming IBM Domino Designer

Here’s the article I wrote back in May of 2011 about how to tweak Designer’s preferences to make it easier and safer to work with. Since this article predates Designer 9.0, some of the information is out of date. But I think it will generally still serve you well in tuning your settings.


9 comments on “Taming IBM Domino Designer
  1. And don’t forget to export your preferences as soon as you make the changes http://www.intec.co.uk/quick-setup-restore-of-domino-designer/

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  3. Oliver Busse says:

    LOL awesome stuff 😀
    Consolas is also a nice font for the editors.
    I posted this in our Connections Community “Development” right now 😉

  4. newbs56 says:

    Thanks for putting this back. I feel more productive already!

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